Lil’ Big Boy

Watching Cosmo playing with his cousin Peach makes one realize that he’s a *very* big boy. His cousins are a little better than a month old, and he’s… days old. He’s so much like his daddy, Buckbuck, too: he’s slow, steady, docile and kinda… well. Slow. Not much perturbs him. He sat in the Grumpy Farmhand’s lap for 10 minutes yesterday without so much as a peep. He’s gonna be a sweet, sweet pet for the family who’s taking him.

Foreplay. For the First Time Ever, It’s Not Helping.

Star has still not dropped babies. And here’s why.

Goat gestation length is 150 days, give or take a few. If we’re calculating since the video below was taken (don’t worry, it’s just courting), September 3rd, then we’re on day 148. AND, as I have just pointed out, the behavior demonstrated in the video is just courting, not… well. Goat porn. So with that in mind, we don’t actually know when Star and Buckbuck did the deed, as opposed to Abigail, where I chaperoned the whole event (which is why I did not, in fact, wish to supervise Buckbuck and Star).

So, how many dates do you think Buckbuck took Star on before they actually conceived? They’re pretty hot and heavy in this video, I guess… I’m not really certain about the rules of thumb about goat courtship, especially since they don’t have thumbs.



I will be frank. This is a video we took mid-chicken butchery. If you are gentle of heart or weak of stomach, you don’t want to watch it. However, if you can find humor in a headless chicken clucking, then you will probably enjoy watching me shove my hand in a bird.

I had the pleasure and privilege of sharing what (little) knowledge I have about how to process chickens with two local women, and it was a great time. I’m no expert by any means, but we walked through the steps from killing to cleaning up together and it made the experience much less scary than trying to figure it out alone. Also I made the chicken talk, even after it’s been dead for quite a while. That… was mostly unintended…